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It's been a long time [May. 25th, 2005|06:36 pm]
How scary is it that i literally forgot that live journal existed. MY life has consisted of 14 hours work over 3 days, lessons, theory, school, practice for exams, guitar learning, family, grandmas' funeral, friends, church, food, shopping, saving, planning, weekends at my boi's, and lack of sleep. i think that's almost it.
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(no subject) [Apr. 6th, 2005|09:01 pm]
I can't wait to leave home now....Dad is driving me nuts. Not literally 'leave', but... I slept in until 9 today and did school work until 6:30... with two little calvin and hobbes breaks. bring it on. so not cool to be home all day tho. now i'm going to practice and try to catch up on THREE weeks and a bit. almost four. ouch.
swiss vanilla yogurt heals every hurt. almost.
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Ah. Home. [Apr. 5th, 2005|05:01 pm]
I miss home so much when I'm away. March was the most craziest month that I thought could ever occur. I worked enough to last TWO months, I started a boy-girl relationsip ;), decided to change churches, turned sixteen, learnt stuff about my family, stressed over theory (can't remember actually doing any...lol but i did), lessons, qyo, spent time 'investing' in that relationship, spent some important time with JC, considered my whole entire life... and did lots of winnie the pooh pondering....
And I spent 137$ at Koorong! Bring it on. So now I listen to nice positive music on the train lol... so i can get excited about work...lol.
I read 'Wait for Me' and am just about to read 'God Chicks'.
And this month.... Well I just organized my school work for the next 5 weeks and.... i'm doing 2 math courses... poetry in English (blah).... etc. but thats what u get for doing all the easy subjects first cause now I got all the hard ones that actually take proper work. zzz.
ok so i time to go then
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Cafe Life [Mar. 17th, 2005|08:30 am]
Ok People. There are more interesting things you can say when someone gives you food than 'thank you'. Here is some examples:
"Are you having a good shift?"
"Yes thanks. I just kocked a soda glass off the hanging rack, smashed a coffee that was in the process, slit my trousers, and made a lovely, bleeding, deep gash in my leg. So now I'm wearing a tea towl wrapped around to stop the bleeding so I can finish my shift instead of going home to Mummy. Even though for the rest of the shift my leg will feel like it's about to drop off. Can't complain."


"You haven't forgotten about my open grill have you?"
"No ma'am it's in line with alllll the other orders."


"Do you work here often?"
"Yes, almost every day this week. But that is going to change so I can have a life again."


"Do I have to order at the counter? I have money you know."
"Yes ma'am, even people with money have to get up off their ass at some point in the day."


"Thanks, I'd like a napkin please. Could you pour me half a glass of water?"
"Yes of course I'll get you a napkin. The water jug is over THERE. And even though you probably have enough money to get a botox injection before you come in here, I'm sure you didn't, so you could at least TRY to smile. Just once."

Why Do ppl with money think they can boss people around who don't. We have millionairs come in and one old lady... She was married to this BORING OLD American and I put their meals down..."Can we have napkins please (they were in my hand)" "I'd like a fork please" Can you take these dishes?" "And we'd like two more SKINNY flat whites to have with our meal" And we had a fully house. I told the gay coffee guy ben and then she proceeds to get up and complain that she couldn't enjoy her coffee unless she had it with her sandwhiches. When I give them to her before other ppl got their stuff they ordered first, she had the ass to say, "You're busy today aren't u?" Then as she's going out she give my boss a lecture on how it was 'wonderful DARLING' but she needs to stop working and get other ppl to do it...etc etc.
Gee honey.
Hmm. That's about it from now.
Make of it what you will.
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I hate trains [Mar. 9th, 2005|05:54 am]
[music |SICK of music]

I just jammed my foot against the tip of a stanley knife. Lucky the blade wasn't up.
Yesterday was international womens day.
There were no good interviews on the radio today.
Ok, I did have a good day today but it was ALL RUINED on the ride home... The first part was fine, but then you hit bundamba and ALLLL these little school kids come on, screaming at the top of their lungs, and all that you can think about and hear is
Not sending my kids to a state school.
Venting isn't working either. I'm planning on getting rid of these smelly yucky work clothes that probably have cream, tea, coffee, washing up water...etc on them... I want a lush bath please : (
If an adult man said to you that he was a little bitch you would assume that they were homosexual, yes?
MSN isn't working either : ( And I'm having a fat day.... It's amazing how negatiave I just got on a 45 minute train ride. Maybe I should go for a walk before I hit 'melodic lines' in theory.
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I feel old [Mar. 1st, 2005|11:20 am]
[music |Jewel]

My little baby cousin who is only like a wee bit older than me is at uni... GHAD. And he's coming all the way from Sunnybank to come to Ipswich uni... hahaha... And then i'm 'sweet' (don't believe in it...) 16 on Good Friday and.... Dude. I thought 16 was all old and mature when i was like 11... They looked like they had so much fun! What happened! Did all the fun get taken out of teenage-hood huh. What's new.
Yeh, I got the job at the gorgeous little cafe in Brizzy... I love working among the rich. You can pretend to have money yourself. The coffee rocks (very important in my workplace...) and the little Seth alike (O.C. haven't watched it this season...) who does the coffee does the BEST latte art... Love hearts too : )
I don't know what the hec I'm writing here...
Stress. Jabra can u do my theory for me...
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Sunday [Feb. 27th, 2005|01:23 am]
[music |Grace Like Rain]

I'm so happy right now. I'm running on sugar and positiveness... Not sleep... The last couple of days have been great. Friday was wind ensemble and a bit of shopping.... some pretty earrings... Why is it so hard to give up smoking? Then Saturday I slept thru my theory lesson on harmony writing and crap like that that DOES not make sense. Then I caught a train to My sister's and visited my new nephew (actually he's like 2 weeks old) Reuben was asleep so i didn't get any kisses from that little champ. Darian dropped me at southbank then and I walked thru in a blissful state, on the phone, watching naki bodies lol and generally enjoying the buzz of the markets, the sun, the river...yep. So then i went SHOPPING... Cause i have A JOB TRIAL on tuesday and I decided it was Make-Shellyanne-Happy time. Great bargins. Really odd men in shops... THE BEST skirt of have ever owned. Seriously. Only its see-through...? Gaaa... Don't worry I have found a remedy...
I want to go to tassie con and get taught by Jabra himself... Yes please. Really enjoying music atm. Really enjoying Christian music for a change too...
And then I had dinner with Dad who's lonely cause mum is away. Like REALLY lonely. What do we all think about dependance on the their spouse? I suppose when I'm fifty I might be slightly attached to my husband lol, but... hmm
I'm going to Missy Higgins in April : ) Can someone come to Paul Coleman with me.... When is Jennifer Knapp going to do a tour down under. HUH.
Then I had a movie night with Matt, Matt, Terry, Lindsay and Jacki (who are a couple...) Lots of ice cream and m&ms and random FUNNY crap coming from my mouth. Priceless moments ppl. We watched that Richard Gere and Sean Connary (spelling...) King Arthur thing and then Aliens vs. Predators. Hmm. ODD MOVIE. Called for some fantastic pillow hugging while the aliens REPRODUCED and CAME OUT OF the humans... Ew. So i wento bed at 2am and got up at 6.30 to a call from tassie. Thanks mate.
And went to church.
Now i'm going to a bbq and pool thing for tania
Then I'm going to Heritage. I want to SING big time. bring it on. give me the choir.... And a mic?
Did you know I can't sing anywhere besides church. Doesn't sound very good otherwise. I hope that ends soon.
Read Jesus Freak. And go buy 'Every young womans/mans Battle'
And go hang out and read the Bible please.
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I hate giving titles to my thoughts ?? [Feb. 24th, 2005|05:50 am]
[music |Pete Murray So beautiful]

Sometimes I love this song and sometimes I can't stand it. Funny things are happening with what I like to listen to these days. It's so cool that the circumstances I'm in inspire different music and the best sax playing eva created on that instrument.... I had a lesson last night. Yummy. Camp made everything better. Everything... My teacher loves these camps now. Cause I ROCK now that I have played for 17 1/2 hours...
There are always those ppl on msn who never eva put there name and i can neva eva remember who they are.
I talked on the phone for almost 4 hours last night. No complaints. Not even my ears complained.
And the air con MEN were here for almost 4 hours today too... So now I get to wear socks and jeans again : )
I love switchfoot.
But TONIGHT! is ER night... I haven't actually had the satisfaction of watching any of it this seasons... Which would greatly kill some of the anxiety in my life... But tonight?
Over the last two years I have developed are really odd (and rude) knack for ignoring people. Sorry.
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This is THE blog. [Feb. 22nd, 2005|06:59 pm]
[music |Trip Trip Triple J]

I' m trying really hard to record all the crap that has happened over the last couple of months... Sometimes I find it really hard to tell stories and other times I can RECITE stories from radio programs... But I guess that's not the same thing.
My work was apparently closing down, but that hasn't happened yet. So I'm making the best of my unemployment while it lasts (along with the keys, safe number and uniform from my old work! ?) I have decided that Feb generally consists of stupid friendships that result because it just so happens to be the month that everyone gets depresseed...and stressing over school, spending too much time on the internet, creativity, fantastic plans, sweat.... And generally patching things up...
I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing with churches atm and it's silly.... I'm checking out this church and I feel like I'm being 'unfaithful' (strong word) to my old church which is REDICULOUS... But anyway... Visiting there again on Sunday. They're doing 40 days of purpose...
The other things that will go on this week are... Doctors (pain and blood tests), theory, lessons, school, wandering around the city trying really hard to spend money (i find it hard these days) horse riding? qyo...
Oh yeh, there was the qyo camp on the weekend (which means I played for over half of the time we were there.) My lips were almost bleeding and my hand was cramping up... It was bad. But good in an odd BAND camp way. Silly me.
My sister had another baby...
I have annalysed a little bit this week (one of my past times) and I have realised I'm simply emotionally numb as far as relationships go. And I suck at getting excited about things...
But like my theory teacher says, lets not focus on the negative things.
What's with footy players these days. And how HOT is Samuel (???) from Secret Life.
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(no subject) [Feb. 5th, 2005|07:04 pm]
[mood |fresh and showered]
[music |George]

Hehehe now i'm listening to Guy singing some pretty loooove song. eek! why don't people warn u about love.
last couple of days have been pretty crooozy (my word of the hour). I worked wednesday and thursday and then after work wandered around the city for a couple of hours wit a friend. Annnd i think that's my last shift. So yesterday i went with another unemployed friend and harassed shops with our resumes. And then we went to some surf shops and koorong... Man! Christian books these days are.. LOUD. yip.
And I was so tired i just kept doing dumb stuff. So today after a very VERY full-on, cadence-filled theory lesson i slept and now i'm all happy. Dude. i want some.... citrus tarte. Or a job. ta.
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